Friday 11th SEPTEMBER 2020

9pm - 2am

£45 Per Person

Includes - Free Refreshments and Snacks, The use of our ghost hunting equipment, 1 whole hour to yourselves to investigate the Mill.

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History of Wookey Hole Caves

20 miles from Bristol and Bath near to the Medieval town of Wells, lies Wookey Hole Caves, a series of limestone caverns on the edge of the Mendip Hills where the River Axe flows through. The caves are believed to date back approximately 45,000 years with archelogical evidence to suggest humans inhabited the caves in both the Stone and Iron Age. The full extent of the cave system is unknown but 25 chambers have so far been explored. Wookey Hole Caves was the first UK diving site in the 1930’s, around the same time as part of the cave system was opened as a public attraction.

History of Wookey Hole Mill

The 1086 Domesday Book records a (corn) Mill at Wookey Hole and by 1610, records show that this was then a paper-mill. The Victorian Mill that stands close to Wookey Hole Caves is now home to a museum which houses the old machinery that was once used to create paper out of old rags.

Paranormal Activity at Wookey Hole

With so much history attached to Wookey Hole, it is little wonder that with that, comes a mystery of the paranormal. With Pagan and Christian connections, the biggest legend associated with Wookey Hole Caves is that of a witch, aptly named the Wookey Witch.


As legend goes, the witch was believed to have cursed a man from Glastonbury who later became a monk. The monk went in search of the witch, who was hiding in the dark crevises of the caves. In an attempt to break the curse, the monk splashed holy water on to the caves walls, which as legend goes, is believed to have then turned the witch into a stalagmite – which is present at the caves today. Whilst this most likely just an imaginative story, archaeologists did discover the full skeleton remains of a female which date back 1000 years.

The old Victorian Mill is said to be haunted by numerous former workers who sadly met a tragic end whilst operating the mill’s machinery. Visitors to Wookey have reported several ghostly sightings, one of a young girl seen in the basement and the mill grounds, another of an aggressive mentality unstable man has been sensed inside the mill.


9PM - 2AM


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