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The Village is a very sinister abandoned building that is set in the heart of Mansfield. It should really be called The Village of the Damned as it has become such a terrifying building to spend the night in. The Village has had many uses since the 1800’s but lay abandoned for over a decade. The hauntings here have been varied and have included men, women and children. Work in all the active areas and have free time to discover for yourself who or what is haunting The village.


Your Ghost Hunt at The Village

Working in all of the active areas, your ghost hunt at The Village is a great opportunity to collect some important paranormal evidence. We will be using all of the most active areas and there will be plenty of opportunity for lone vigils and free time to explore this sprawling location for yourselves. 


Ghosts of The Village

There have been many sightings at The Village. Some of the ghosts that have been picked up here are a Mr Merryweather who was the owner of the Malt Houses until his death in 1835. He has been seen in the Village by volunteers who were painting here before its reopening in 2013. The CCTV footage shows nobody was there but they all swore that they saw the figure of a man. Many psychics have also picked up on the name Merryweather which was not well documented. There has also been mention of the name Catherine who has been picked up on by many groups during investigations here. She is thought to have been murdered at The Village along with her child. Many people have heard the sounds of a baby crying in the lower rooms.

There is also a piano which plays on its own, the owners say that this piano was there when they purchased the building.


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