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The estate dates back to the Tudor times, although there is little evidence of what the house was used for from this time. Following an archaeological dig in 2006, some of the remains show there might have been a major fire in the mediaeval times. 


Th house was owner by Nicholas Strelley in 1678, but he gambled it away and it became the property of Ralph Edge. There is a family tree near the Castle Room, which shows the full family tree of the Strelley’s from 1200 to 1678. 


Strelley Village has links to coal mining and was one of the first areas to be exploited for its coal. 


Nicholas Strelley put a curse on gambling in the house when he lost it 1678, he died with the curse still in place!


The last member of the Edge family died in 1978, although there have been 3 periods when there was no male heir and the house has been passed to female heir upon condition when she marries her husband’s takes the surname Edge. The house was handed to its new owner in 1980.


The Castle Room is said to be one of the oldest in the whole house, and dates back to the original mediaeval fortification. The walls of the room as 1 meter thick. 

Ghosts of Strelley 

After instating the curse on the house, several serving wenches saw the spirit of Nicholas Strelley and lost their lives. 

These are believed to be the most prevalent spirits of the house, heavy footsteps have been heard when the hall has been closed to the public, dark shapes have been seen moving from room to room and loud growls and screams are also often heard.



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