History and Haunting

The Old Nick Theatre was built in the 1800’s and originally served as the headquarters for the Lincolnshire Constabulary and Magistrates Court and was used for this purpose for more than 100 years.


In 1979, the court room was turned into a theatre which is still there today. The main structure of the building has barely been altered, the premises now included a coffee room, prop store and bar area.

Even in this modern day, the Old Nick Theatre has never been bale to shake off its past. There have been a minimum of 25 recorded deaths at this location and there are so many areas of this location worthy of a paranormal investigation.

The original corridors and prisoner cells all remain intact to this day and have been a hot bed for poltergeist activity. There have been countless visitors who have fled the building in terror.


The old exercise yard and Judges room are also renown for spirit activity with reports of objects vanishing and then appearing days or weeks later in a different area of the building without any explanation.

There have been countless reports of door handles turning by unseen hands an doors slamming shut without any rational or logical explanation. Other reports from visitors have reported to have been touched, grabbed or poked when they have been alone and footsteps are frequently heard from empty corridors and rooms.


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