Secunda Manor is steeped in history. This 800 year old building has seen many people pass through its doors and they have imprinted their memories upon the stone walls. Which spirit will impart its memories with you on this paranormal investigation?! The earliest recorded history for the Manor has been traced back to the reign of Henry I between 1136 and 1205. It was in this very building that during the reigns of King Stephen and Queen Matilda the Augustinian monks of Llanthony Prima Priory took refuge in Secunda . Can you imagine the fear these monks felt whilst hidden away at this Manor!


The monks are known to allow their presence to be known as there is often chanting heard around the bedrooms. King Henry VIII owned this property in 1536 when he was acquiring immense amounts of land following the dissolution of the monasteries. However, it is believed that he never lived in the manor and in 1540 he allowed Charles Dace to live in this building when he was appointed as Henry’s bailiff and farmer. The property was sold in 1557 to Richard Seyborne it was then sold to the Kemey’s family in 1601 who resided there until 1793. It has passed through numerous hands until 1972 when it was purchased by Mrs S.M. Mcleod who lovingly restored the building to its former glory.


What Paranormal Activity has been reported?

Since the recent renovations began on the property the paranormal activity has increased. Unexplained pools of water have appeared in the great hall, feelings of being watched and followed occur regularly and items are often moved with no explanation. Spirits are often seen around the home. Will you encounter the figure of the monk that is seen or maybe the lady in white will decide to grace you with a visit. She is often seen around the building looking forlorn. Are these the spirits that are known to physically touch visitors to the home or will you discover another spirit that is trying to get people’s attention.


During our last visit many of our guests didn't make it through the night! Loud footsteps, the sound of a lady crying, doors slamming, coat hangers rattling and heavy door knocks where just some of the activity that was experienced!!! 


There are various rooms that sleep different amounts of people at the manor. You will need to bring your own bedding if you decide to stay the night.

Event time starts at 10pm and will finish at 9am.


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