Beaumanor Hall situated in the remote village of Woodhouse just outside Loughborough. Is reputed to be extremely haunted there have been many sightings of ghostly appartions from a coachman who hung himself in the attic, to a female who has been seen wandering the upper floor from the main staircase, many believe that she is wife of William Perry Herrick.


Poltegeist activity has been reported in the main dining room on the lower floor by staff members. Two female staff members reported a plate flying of a large table and smashing when nobody present. Dark shadows have been witnessed and reported in the cellars. The sound of Marching boots have been heard coming from empty rooms in the attic. The sound of scratching from unforseen hands has been heard on the servants staircase. Will you be joining the team on this intense investigation?


The Ghosts of Beaumanor Hall
It`s no wonder that beaumanor hall has seen so much Paranormal activity over the last 20 years, This House was built in 1842 however two previous houses have stood in this spot since 1277. Wandering across the grounds and has also been seen on the main stairwell is a female spirit known as the grey lady. Many believe that this is the lady of the Manor ( Perry herrick). A recent account of activity was by a workman working in the attic where he fled leaving all his tools and refused to ever return. The attic has a very strange and suppresive feel to the point of making you feel as through you are being watched. Doors are often heard slamming shut on the upper levels of the main house, windows banging and disembodied voices. Elizabeth one of the servants who worked here is said to be heard whispering from one of the empty rooms in the old quarters. Home to the British Armed forces many believe that soliders haunt the now blocked up tunnels leading from the house to the main village.


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