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The London Bridge Experience and Tombs isn’t just the scariest attraction in the UK but is recognized to be one of the most haunted attractions as well. With countless sightings and eyewitness reports of happenings throughout the attraction including moving objects, visual sightings and other unexplained events.


Builders working on the excavation of the set of London Tombs in 2007 discovered a Plague Pit that contained a large collection of skeletons, unnerving the builders so much that they refused to work down there alone! After carbon dating these bones they were identified to date back to 11th century through to 17th century.


The bridge itself was also a scene of gruesome happenings. In Tudor times they used to impale the heads of traitors and criminals on spikes along the bridge: some of the skulls that were found on the site actually had holes through them, were these the heads of traitors? London during these times was certainly a very hard and cruel place to live, and this has left an imprint on the area, perhaps leading to the abundance of paranormal activity that is experienced here in The Tombs, but don’t take our word for it come and join us to find out for yourself.




Event time starts at 10pm and will finish at 4am.

LONDON TOMBS - London - FRIDAY 26th JUNE 2020

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