Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe is truly a very sinister location. With a history of satanic rituals, worship, murder, and sacrifice it’s of little wonder that this location is one of the most haunted in England.

You’re in for a real ghost hunting treat as you delve deep in to the caves’ notoriously evil past. The dark recesses and narrow tunnels are intense with paranormal activity, you’re going to want to stay in the middle of your group and not at either end that’s for sure.


Past ghost hunts at Hellfire caves have delivered some extraordinary evidence of the spirit world. Groups of investigators have heard the sound of satanic chanting coming from the Inner Temple. People have also often heard voices in their ear, guests are touched by unseen hands, and there’s a ever present feeling of terror among many.


With all this evidence you’re without doubt going to be in for one hell of an experience on your ghost hunt!


Your Ghost Hunt at The Hellfire Caves


Hidden 200ft below ground away from any unwanted attention, the Hellfire Caves is a location like no other. The unexplained is a regular occurrence here, with many people witnessing apparitions, shadow figures, chanting, and disembodied voices. One common report is the sighting of a young girl dressed in white.


The location is renowned for being one of the most haunted places in the UK, and paranormal investigators from around the world regularly flock here. One of the TV shows that show investgators in haunted locations filmed here and it was one of their most popular episodes. The intrigue and the caves’ dark past shrowds this place in mystery, adding to the already unique setting for a paranormal investigation. The Hellfire Caves is the perfect location for your night of ghost hunting.


Ghosts of Hell Fire Caves

The number of reports here along with the frequency and the consistency make this one of the most fascinating experiences for ghost hunters. It has a very long and dark history and one of the most famous names to visit here is that Benjamin Franklin! He became a regular visitor here during the 1750’s, and it’s believed he still haunts the corridors along with Paul Whitehead to this day. Whitehead was once a steward of the Hellfire Club and a friend of Sir Francis Dashwood. Legend has it that Whitehead’s heart was placed in an urn that was kept at the Mausoleum at West Wycombe, but it was supposedly stolen by an American soldier. It’s now believed his ghost haunts the caves and the hill above, searching for his stolen heart.


Another story relates to a young girl named Suki. She was tricked into meeting a man she had fallen for, but her innocence led her to her death by the hands of several men. It is her ghostly figure that is seen in the Banquetting Hall where she took her last breath. A visitor to the caves caught a woman in white in film in one of the alcoves in this room, upon closer inspection it matches Suki’s description perfectly.

Will you encounter Suki on your ghost hunt in this area?




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