With tales of witches' persecution, body snatching and local superstition. Edinburgh vaults has to be one of the most dark, evil, haunted locations in the UK! Come with us as we delve into the vaults underground. Will you brave the stone circle which many years ago was given a curse? Visit the torchure museum where many experiences have been reported.


The vaults are located within the South Bridge, built in the mid 1700's. Once opened, these vaults soon fell into disuse due to damp and poor conditions. The wealthy merchants who once used them for storage soon moved out and the poor and disadvantaged moved in, making use of the cheap rent.


They were not alone. Soon the conditions deteriorated and the place became a hive of criminal activity.


People succumbed to the harsh conditions, disease and worse!


Event starts at MIDNIGHT and will finish at 6AM (Sunday morning)


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