Steve Howard

Founder & Director


My interest in the paranormal began when I saw the first ever episode of a popular paranormal TV show, although I was a sceptic I found myself becoming open minded to the fact that why couldn’t there be such things as ghosts?

So I started to visit haunted locations with a group of friends and then one night we all saw our first full bodied apparition. This changed everything for me and it became my dream to one day run my own ghost hunting company.

When I started Bump In The Night Paranormal UK I wanted to offer our customers a chance to hopefully one day experience what I have in my years of ghost hunting and to try and make it an affordable hobby too. Every new venue we book is one that has a long history of hauntings and regular reports of activity.

Dan McCaul

Lead Host & Business Manager


I run a very successful heating and plumbing company during the day but by night I am out ghost hunting! I joined Bump In The Night Paranormal UK in the summer 2017 and since then I haven’t looked back. I would say I started as a sceptic and although I try and de-bunk anything and everything there have just been times when I haven't been able to explain it. I’m really looking forward to the future and investigating new venues with the team and meeting new people and hopefully catching some exciting evidence along the way.

Lucy Pryor

Lead Host & New Venue Administrator


I have been ghost hunting for roughly 10 years but it has been the past 3 years that I have most recently really got into it. I have always believed in the paranormal, and it really hit home for me at my first visit to The Ancient Ram Inn where I had my first real experience. There was a group of 5 of us in the barn when out of nowhere 4 of us saw a bright light hovering and heard a whistle. Since then it has really given me the bug to catch evidence and to explore more. Since joining Bump In The Night Paranormal UK I have had the privilege to go to some amazing places and capture more outstanding activity.

Clair Howard

Host & Media


I went on my first paranormal night 4 years ago at Woodchester Mansion and this has since become by favourite location. Since joining Bump In The Night Paranormal UK I have been to lots of different locations and met lots of lovely people. I enjoy hearing everyone's experiences they have had! Doing the media for Bump In The Night Paranormal UK I am always trying to catch something on camera or EVP so I can share it to everyone. It is very frustrating coming away from a night without any evidence. But this wont stop me from trying next time. My favourite saying is ‘Ghost Hunting is like going Fishing, you can take all the bait but you might not get a catch’

Bump In The Night Paranormal UK

The Team


We are a group of friends that have know each other for many years. We all trust each other completely. As a company we do not ‘fake’ anything and we will always try to de-bunk anything first, our credibility as a team and as a company is the most important part of what we do. We are a friendly bunch and really enjoy meeting our customers and doing all we can to ensure that they enjoy their ghost hunt with us. What began as hobby for all of us many years ago has now turned into a shared passion which we want to share with the public who have always wanted to explore the paranormal.

Shaneen Brown

Trainee Host

I had my very first paranormal experience at the age of 11, I wasn’t scared but was unable to explain it,many years later family members had no recollection of the event, And since had a few unexplainable encounters, as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realise that my beliefs are, there is 100 % more to this earth than we hear see or feel within daily life.
On the 8th December 17” I went on a ghost hunt with bump in the night paranormal uk to a highly active venue, the cage, it confirmed everything and more that I believed in, the sceptic side of me has long gone, I was scared stiff but now I’m hooked and growing in confidence the more venues I participate in, i love meeting new people and can’t wait to share some paranormal experiences with you.

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